How to Uninstall Android Using ADB and Easy Uninstaller

If you want to uninstall apps from your Android phone or tablet, you should be aware of the apps that come pre-installed on these devices. This article will provide you with tips on how to uninstall apps from Android using adb and Easy Uninstaller. Using adb, you can locate the app package name from the name. If you are not able to find the app package name, you can use an app named Package Name Viewer.

Steps to uninstall Android

Uninstalling Android applications can be done in a few easy steps. First, open up the file manager app on your phone. If you see that an app is missing from the home screen, you’ve successfully uninstalled it. If the app is still there, follow the same steps as above. You can also enable USB debugging to get more information on uninstalling the application. After you’ve done that, you can continue to uninstall Android applications.

You can also use a third-party uninstaller to remove the Android sdk from your computer. While you’re in the Google Play, you’ll notice that you have to visit the “Uninstall” page for this application. Simply double-click the file and follow the instructions. If you’ve tried to uninstall Android applications in the past without success, you can try using System Restore to reset your system to an earlier point.

Apps that come pre-installed on Android devices

Whether you’ve just purchased a new Android phone or you’ve simply decided you don’t want it anymore, it’s important to uninstall pre-installed applications from your phone. These applications can take up space on your phone and send you annoying push notifications. To remove them from your phone, you can use tools like Titanium Backup. Here are the steps to follow:

Ensure that you have a clean system partition. Android menus vary by manufacturer, but you can find an app that’s installed by default. Locate it in the list. There may not be an uninstall option on the app itself, but you can easily remove it from the system partition. However, you can’t remove pre-installed apps from the system partition. Disabling them is not possible for all apps, especially those that are necessary for your phone’s operation.

You can also uninstall bloatware from your phone. This is a common problem for Android phones, since more manufacturers offer them than iPhones. While some bloatware is useful, many of these apps are simply duplicates of standard applications. By removing bloatware from your phone, you can improve your security and privacy. Be sure to read the user manual of the device you’re about to purchase.

Using adb to uninstall apps

Using ADB to uninstall apps on Android requires root access, which can be a pain. While you can uninstall pre-installed apps for the current user, they will reappear if you reset your device. To uninstall apps for all users, you need root access. This method may also require bloatware removal tools, which will restore system apps after uninstalling unwanted apps.

First, connect your phone to your PC. To do this, open the platform-tools folder on your PC and navigate to adb. If your phone has built-in ADB support, install it. You can then access ADB with the help of the command line. To run the command, launch the terminal window and type the command “adb -l” to run adb shell. The next window displays a list of packages installed on your Android phone. Type “pm uninstall -k” to uninstall a system app.

To begin using ADB to uninstall apps on Android, you’ll need to enable USB debugging on your phone. After you’ve enabled USB debugging, connect your phone to your computer using a USB cable and make sure that you select the “Transfer Files” mode. Then, install ADB drivers on your computer. These drivers are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Using Easy Uninstaller to uninstall apps

You’ve probably installed a bunch of apps on your phone or tablet when you’re looking for a certain app. If you’re like me, you’re not always sure which one to keep, and you’re not worried about occupying space, as Easy Uninstaller keeps an uninstall history for up to three months. The app will warn you when your device is running low on memory, and help you recover the space you’ve lost. Easy Uninstaller also makes it easy to find unused and rarely-used apps. Unlike the Settings area of the phone, Easy Uninstaller will also keep a history of the apps you’ve deleted.

Once you’ve installed Easy Uninstaller, you can search for the app you want to remove by name and follow the steps to perform an uninstall. Easy Uninstaller works well with Android devices and is available for download from Google Play and other major app stores. If you’d like to uninstall more than one app, you can select multiple apps from the same list and choose which ones to remove. You can even use batch mode or multi selection to remove multiple apps at once.