How to Uninstall Microsoft Office on Android and iOS

If you are looking for a free uninstaller for Microsoft Office for your Android device, you have come to the right place. To uninstall Microsoft Office, follow these steps. You will be presented with a dialog box asking you to confirm the removal of the suite. Select the option to finish the process. Afterwards, you will need to restart your device to remove the application. You can also follow the steps below to uninstall Microsoft Office for your iOS device.

IObit Uninstaller

The built-in uninstaller of Microsoft applications can be a pain. IObit Uninstaller can help you uninstall them effectively. The tool also has several other features to make the uninstalling process as simple as possible. Force Uninstall+ will automatically remove leftover files after a program’s built-in uninstaller has been completed. This program will scan all the leftover files and registry entries to optimize software performance and minimize security risks.

IObit Uninstaller offers an Auto Monitor, which will log and display a list of programs that are installed on your computer. If you install a program by hand, the installer will not display the logs for that program. However, the IObit Uninstaller PRO provides the option to manually monitor a program’s installation. IObit Uninstaller can also detect extensions of popular browsers. The extension lists will appear if it’s installed on your computer.

Revo Uninstaller

The inbuilt uninstaller in Windows does not always remove programs completely. If you want to uninstall Microsoft programs completely, you should use Revo Uninstaller. The software will locate all associated files and delete them. In addition, it also has an exclusive Hunter Mode, which lets you uninstall programs directly from the desktop. Revo Uninstaller is easy to use and comes with a friendly interface. You can view installed applications in either a grid or a list, and use the shortcuts to perform system maintenance tasks. It also has a Junk File Cleaner and an AutoRun Manager, which are indispensable for optimizing your PC’s performance.

After you’ve downloaded the program, run it. After the scanning process is complete, you’ll see a list of third-party applications that you can uninstall using the software. You’ll be asked to confirm the removal of each program before it completes. If the software finds any leftover files or registry entries, you can remove them by following the prompts. Once you’ve completed the uninstall process, you can restore your system to a previous point to minimize any problems.


IObit Uninstaller offers a range of useful features to help you uninstall programs and remove leftovers. The Easy Uninstall feature can be accessed with the shortcut Ctrl+Alt+U or through the tools menu. Other features include Open File Location and End Process to let you see where the programs are stored, and Force Uninstall, which will wipe out any remnants of the program. The software also offers various customization options, including customizable font size and color.

When installing new programs, IObit Uninstaller will automatically detect and log the installation. Once logged, the installer will notify you. To view logged programs, click on the Logged Installations link at the bottom-right corner of the Install Monitor window. IObit Uninstaller also detects the extensions for main-stream browsers. These extensions are categorized according to user rating and are not harmful to your computer.

IObit Uninstaller for 32-bit operating systems

IObit Uninstaller is a handy tool that lets you delete unwanted applications, browser extensions, and more. It is capable of detecting malicious plug-ins in real-time and removes leftovers. What’s more, it’s more than 120% faster than the average uninstaller. The program can also uninstall programs and remove their files and registry keys. IObit Uninstaller for 32-bit operating systems is a simple, fast, and reliable way to eliminate unwanted software from your PC.

Users can choose from more than 30 languages for IObit Uninstaller. It’s available for all Microsoft operating systems. Users can also use it to uninstall one program in a single click. With the help of Easy Uninstall, users can remove an application from a single window, desktop icon, or system tray icon. Users can also choose the Force Uninstall option to completely uninstall a program.

Revo Uninstaller for 64-bit operating systems

If you have a Windows PC, then Revo Uninstaller is probably your best option. This software removes Microsoft’s products from a computer without leaving a trace in the Registry. It is also a good choice for people who want to use a portable version and uninstall programs without using the Windows Control Panel. Its main function is the same as the original, but the user interface could use some improvement.

If you are considering upgrading to the pro version, the free version doesn’t support batch removal. Instead, it creates a system repair point before removing programs. After the removal process, Revo starts its analysis routine, which then launches the native uninstallation process. Once the uninstallation has completed, Revo Uninstaller pro is equipped to remove any leftover items that may be left in the registry.