Italian Towns That Are Just As Charming As Lecce

There are many Italian towns in which to stay, but few are quite as quaint as Lecce. You can check out Lecce, Positano, Burano, Montichiari, and other destinations in this article. If you’re traveling on a budget, you’ll probably want to stay in a more affordable hotel in one of these towns. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, there are plenty of hotels in these towns that are a good fit for a romantic break.


Puglia is full of picture-perfect seaside towns. Some are quiet, others are super touristy, but all are charming. Lecce is a great place to start your Puglia exploration. Here you will have an opportunity to visit the many museums in the area. And don’t forget to visit the beach! The seven-mile coastline offers many opportunities to enjoy the water. While there, don’t forget to stop by the Marina to rent a boat.


Considering a vacation in Positano? There are several reasons to do so. Positano is an upmarket town and, therefore, accommodation can be expensive. You should consider staying in a hostel or Airbnb instead. It is more cost-effective to split the cost of accommodation if you’re traveling in a group. In addition to finding a good hostel, you can also find affordable accommodations in Sant’ Agnello, a nearby town.


If you’ve never been to Burano, it’s time you visited. The island is actually an archipelago of four islands linked by bridges. The inhabitants live on the islands and are easy to spot – just don’t get stung by a sticky beak! Taking a stroll along the canals is like walking through a colorful, painted canvas, with the vivid colors reflecting on the calm waters and fishing boats.


One of Italy’s most charming towns, Montichiari is a beautiful destination year-round. While the town is popular in the summer, it remains enchanting year-round. Here are some reasons to visit Montichiari:


If you’re traveling to Italy, it’s a good idea to check out Assisi, an old town perched on a hilltop. It’s a small medieval town, but it’s large enough to spend a whole day exploring. While you’re in Assisi, you might consider visiting the nearby town of Norcia, the birthplace of pork curing in Italy. Leather is also king in Umbria, and Assisi is a great place to buy some handmade leather goods.


The city of Mantua is located in the province of the same name, in Northern Italy’s Lombardy region. Once an important port and a location for easy access to the Po River, Mantua has recently become a bustling art city and a major cultural center. Though the city may appear somber and foggy, it’s a treasure trove of sightseeing and culture.


If you’re looking for a quiet seaside retreat, try Praiano. The secluded town was once a summer residence for the dukes of the Amalfi Coast. Enjoy the panoramic view from the beach or take in the architecture of the medieval structures. There are shops and restaurants to satisfy your appetite. Afterwards, enjoy the view of the sunset and the crashing waves from the Santa Maria a Castro church.


If you’re looking for a holiday that’s not too crowded, then Liguria is the place for you. From the border with Tuscany to the outskirts of Genoa, Liguria has many picturesque Italian towns. From pastel-colored houses overlooking the sea to historic monuments, Liguria is a fantastic place to spend your vacation. Read on for some tips for planning an unforgettable vacation.

Liguria’s pearl

One of Liguria’s most beautiful towns is the town of Alassio. This summertime destination is famous for its stunning sea and natural beauty. The town’s beaches have fine sand and resemble the coast of the Adriatic Sea. The sea levels gradually fall and the sand gets finer, reminiscent of the Adriatic. There are many attractions in and around Alassio, so it’s hard to know what to do first.


The ancient history of Malcesine dates back to Roman times. The town passed through the Lombards, Scaligeri, Venetians, and Austrians before becoming part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1866. Today, the old town has retained much of its medieval structure, built around the castle of Scaliger. There are many cafes and restaurants in the town, and you may want to try ice-cream in a piazza if you’re in the mood.

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