Top Italian Towns

A trip to Italy wouldn’t be complete without visiting a few of the country’s most beautiful towns. Pienza is one of them, nestled in the Val D’Orcia with a picturesque city wall. A town that’s perfect for wandering, Pienza is also home to streets named after lovers and a pecorino cheese festival. In late September, people can see the cheese being rolled. While you’re there, don’t miss the UNESCO-listed town of Matera.

Matera is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, Matera is home to the Sassi di Matera, which are ancient cave dwellings believed to be among the earliest human settlements in Europe. The archaeological site has a fascinating ecosystem that melds with the surrounding natural environment and has endured through the ages. The ancient settlement was built into the calcarenite rock that was common to the region of Apulia and Basilicata. The town grew on a rocky slope, surrounded by a river, which is now named “la Gravina”.


Despite its relatively small size, Cortona, Italy, is packed with historical treasures. The town is an important strategic location and fought hard for its survival over the centuries. It was a citadel that attracted the attention of the Medici family, and was the star of the Renaissance. Today, the town’s historic center features museums, monuments, and art galleries. Famous locals include Pietro Berrettini, Luca Signorelli, and Gino Severini, among others. There is a large, beautiful garden that’s worth exploring. The museum houses the collections of the Etruscans, as well as a large, modern-day church, the Basilica of St. Margerita.


The walls surrounding Rieti, Italy, were once the longest in all of Europe. The Cathedral of Rieti was completed in 1225 and started construction in the year 1106! From the Cathedral, you can walk along the “Walk of St. Francis.” In the center of the old town, you can visit the Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, built on top of the ruins of an ancient Roman forum.


If you are looking for a quiet retreat, you may want to consider Orta, Italy. This town is famous for its beautiful architecture and cobblestone streets. You can find many ice cream shops in the town’s pedestrianized center, and you can even rent a boat to get to nearby Isola San Giulio. Orta is also home to many lovely churches and chapels, as well as several quaint cafes.


The Leaning Tower of Pisa is perhaps the most famous attraction in Pisa, but the one in Burano is not quite as well known. The leaning tower on the island of Burano was caused by incorrect calculations during its construction in the seventeenth century. However, most visitors flock to Burano to admire its brightly painted houses. These are the result of the island’s rich history as a fishing village.


If you’re a history buff, you can’t miss the Certosa di San Giacomo, an ornate fourteenth-century monastery with two cloisters. In addition to art and stately statues, the site is also home to a rare blue species of lizard. The gardens, which are part of a former grotto, are another must-see attraction.

Borgo Parrini

You may have heard about Borgo Parrini, Italian towns and the charming architecture that graces their walls. Its picturesque beauty has enticed many tourists from all over the world to this small village. The brightly painted buildings and mosaics add a whimsical touch to this place. Its walls are also lined with aphorisms from famous personalities. Whether you are seeking a wholesome meal or something to accompany your wine and cheese, Borgo Parrini, Italian towns, is a place to explore.

Nova Levante

If you are looking for some great places to visit while in Italy, you should check out Nova Levante, a small town located about 20km east of Bolzano. The town is located near the Karersee lake and is surrounded by lovely mountains. For those who love to hike and enjoy the natural scenery, this place is a must-see. The town is also home to some excellent nightclubs, jewellers, and supermarkets.


For those visiting Italy as a vacationer, Assisi, Italy should be on the top of your list. This quiet town is filled with shops and boutiques where local artists display their wares. The town is a budget-friendly destination, so you should plan to stay in one of the smaller, less expensive accommodations. For younger travelers, a companion is recommended to diffuse awkward cat calls and keep you company at night. If you’re traveling alone, you might want to stay at the Green Hotel Assisi, which is close to the Basilica di San Francesco and has a pool. For a night of luxury, you can spend as much as $65 per person.


The ancient city of Varenna, Italy, is nestled on the shore of Lake Como. The charming harbour and church of Varenna are surrounded by sloping alleyways that make for a pleasant stroll. In the old part of the town, you can explore ancient alleyways and visit two churches. In the middle of Varenna, you can see the 14th century Chiesa di San Giorgio, which is one of the oldest in Lombardy.