Whiskey Cocktails

A whiskey cocktail uses whiskey. It is generally served neat, and can also be used in classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned, Manhattan, or Julep. Some recipes also call for Scotch whiskey, while others use bourbon. Here are some examples. If you’re looking to create a new drink, consider trying one of these. Listed below are some of the best whiskey cocktails. Try one today! It will have you craving for more.

Old Fashioned

The Old Fashioned whisky cocktail is a classic, boozy drink that is a staple at Irish bars. The recipe involves muddled sugar with bitters and water, then adding whiskey. It is traditionally served over ice and garnished with an orange slice or cocktail cherry. It is traditionally served in an old-fashioned glass, which predates the cocktail itself. Here’s a closer look at this drink.

The Old Fashioned has undergone a few modifications. The original recipe called for shaking and straining the drink into a separate glass. It now uses ice in the same glass, and lump sugar replaces syrup. A touch of bitters was introduced over time, eventually dubbed Angostura. In recent years, however, many bartenders have used other bitters for the Old Fashioned.

Tom and Jerry

A Tom and Jerry is a delightful brew spiked with rum or brandy. Its delicate sweet taste is followed by a creamy, meringue-like finish. The drink is a perfect accompaniment to the milder spring days. In order to make it, separate the eggs, beating the whites until stiff and the yolks until thin. Then, add in four ounces of cognac. Stir gently. Garnish with cinnamon sticks.

The Tom and Jerry cocktail was first created in the 1820s by a British sportswriter named Pierce Eagan. The name was based on the book Life of London, which detailed the exploits of two gentlemen in the city. Pierce Eagan crafted the drink as a publicity stunt to boost sales for his book. In fact, the drink became so popular that it was sold in a range of pubs and restaurants.

Mint julep

A mint julep is a traditional mixed alcoholic beverage made with bourbon, crushed ice, fresh mint, and water. It is a traditional southern drink, associated with Southern culture, Kentucky cuisine, and the Kentucky Derby. Its ingredients are simple, but can add a unique twist to any drink. Learn more about the history of the mint julep below. To make your own, just follow these steps:

Crushed ice is crucial to the drink. It can be pebbled or crushed, but the latter is preferred because it creates more ice surface area. It also dilutes the drink more quickly. Crushed ice can be crushed with a blender, ice crusher, Lewis bag, or muddler. The ice is the most important part of a Mint Julep. Here are a few tips to make the best mint julep possible:

Vieux Carre

The Vieux Carré is an IBA official cocktail made from rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth liqueur, Bénédictine, and Peychaud’s bitters. The drink was first created by bartender Walter Bergeron at the Carousel Bar of the Monteleone Hotel. Today, it’s a popular drink for many reasons, including its taste and history.

The name of the drink comes from the fact that it was created in the French Quarter of New Orleans, where it was popular among local writers such as Ernest Hemingway. The drink is traditionally served in a stemmed glass and garnished with a lemon twist. If you’d like to make a Vieux Carre at home, you can simply follow these tips. But first, you’ll want to learn a little bit more about this classic cocktail.

Old Fashioned with bourbon

To make a proper Old Fashioned, you must start with good bourbon. This drink is not one of those that can easily mask subpar booze. You can choose to add simple syrup or muddled sugar, or you can leave it out altogether. Then, simply pour the ingredients into a glass, stir, and garnish with the lemon peel or orange peel. However, you should remember that you can’t skip the ice!

Among the most popular types of bourbon for the Old Fashioned cocktail is Buffalo Trace. This type of whiskey is relatively low in alcohol, so it stands out in the drink without overwhelming the taste of the other ingredients. While some bartenders have added ice, buffalo trace bourbon is the most common for bars. It has an orange spiciness that sets it apart from other brands without being too overpowering.


The Whisky cocktail Boulevardier is a drink that is made with whiskey, sweet vermouth, and Campari. The cocktail is named after Erskine Gwynne, an American-born writer who founded a magazine in Paris in 1927 called Boulevardier. The magazine ran from 1927 to 1932 and credited Gwynne with the creation of the drink. You can enjoy the drink by itself, or you can try it with a shot of lemon juice to add a bit of citrus flavor.

The classic Boulevardier recipe calls for equal parts of the three ingredients, which may be easier to remember than the modern version. However, it might not be the most appealing to your palate. In addition to the classic recipe, modern Boulevardiers may contain higher proportions of Bourbon than the original. For this reason, many cocktail experts recommend mixing the ingredients with a ratio of 1.5 to 3/4. However, this is up to personal taste. In either case, you should stir the drink until it’s well-chilled.